SNAC Alumni


Graduated Ph.D Students

  • Dr. Zhibin Zhou is currently with Amazon. His PhD dissertation is "On Efficent and Scalable Attribute-Based Security Systems". Defense date: 4/27/2011.
  • Dr. Yang Qin is currently with Microsoft. His Ph.D dissertation is "Anonymous Communications In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Protection and Attacks". Defense date: 9/17/2010.

Graduated MS Students (with Thesis)

# Name Year Affiliation (after graduation) Thesis Topics
Dong, Xinyi
Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile Cloud Computing
13 Zhong, Yunji 2011 Microsoft Establishing Distributed Social Network Trust Model in MobiCloud
12 Kadne, Aniruddha 2010 F5 vLab: Virtual Laboratory for Network Security Education
11 Sushma Myneni 2010 Microchip Secure and Efficient Authentication Scheme for EPC Generation 2 Passive RFID Tags
10 Nirav Shah 2010 Intel A-Weor: Communication Privacy Protection for Wireless Mesh Networks Using Encoded Opportunistic Routing
9 Arasan, Vetri 2010 Garmin Establishing Email Based Social network Trust
8 Shere, Swaroop 2009 Forcesale Using Shock Waves to Detect and predict Highway Congestion
7 Nagarajan, Vijayakrishnan 2009 Juniper Networks Using Secure Search Engine to Counter Web-Based Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing Attacks
6 Jagasia, Mukesh 2009 Intel Distributed Protocols to Solve Nonlinear Optimization Problems for Node Localization and Malicious Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
5 Agarwal, Utkarsh 2009 Garmin Watermark Based Attack on the Second Generation Onion Router
4 Kapoor, Harsh 2008 StartUP Using Polynomial Intepolation based Secret Sharing Scheme for Secure Communications
3 Verma, Mayank 2008 Brocade Communications A New Trust Framework for Using Peudonyms and Attribute-based Cryptography for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs)
2 Kandiah, Vinayak 2007 CERNER Constructing Efficient Anonymous Communication schemes: Solutions based on Splitting, Merging, and Polynomial Interpolation
1 Ramachandram, Archana 2007 QualComm Efficient Algorithms and Implementation of Tate Pairing for Wireless Sensors